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Embark on a breathtaking journey through the heart and soul of the Las Vegas Valley with American Adventure Tours' upcoming excursions. Our new tours will unveil the majestic beauty of Red Rock Canyon, complemented by visits to historical gems that tell the rich story of this vibrant region. As pioneers in off-road adventure, we're thrilled to introduce these exclusive tours, offering a unique blend of natural wonder and cultural heritage.

Tour Highlights:

  • Red Rock Exploration: Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes of Red Rock Canyon, where the vibrant hues of the rocks and the serene beauty of the desert will leave you captivated. Navigate through this geological marvel on our state-of-the-art vehicles, guided by our expert team who knows every hidden viewpoint and breathtaking vista.
  • Historic Landmarks: Journey through time as we visit historic sites scattered across the Las Vegas Valley. From ancient Native American petroglyphs to historic pioneer trails, each stop is a page from the past, inviting you to connect with the stories and spirits that shaped Nevada.
  • Exclusive Access & Comfort: True to our legacy, these tours are designed with exclusivity in mind, ensuring access to less-traveled paths and immersive experiences. Our high-end vehicles guarantee a comfortable and thrilling adventure, suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Why Choose Us? American Adventure Tours is the first off-road tour company in the Vegas Valley, celebrated for setting industry standards and delivering exceptional experiences. With over 20 years of guiding adventurers through Nevada's most stunning landscapes, our upcoming tours to Red Rock and historical sites are curated to inspire, exhilarate, and create lasting memories.

Stay Tuned for Launch Details Our Red Rock & Historic Las Vegas Valley Tours are coming soon, and spaces will be limited. Stay connected for launch dates and booking details to secure your spot on these once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Prepare to explore the beauty, history, and thrill of Nevada like never before with American Adventure Tours.

  • AAT has 30 years off-road touring experience

  • We Know The Best Trails

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We offer a complimentary shuttle service to our guests

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